13 mistakes with a branch startup abroad

There are many mistakes you can avoid when you start your business abroad. Mostly it is interesting to observe that, ultimately, money will be burned with the motto “try and error”, although this was not intended at all. What in one […]

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Rent local experts temporarily!

Rent local experts temporarily to work with you on your business model canvas and deliver the missing information you need to complete. We check together any single point until there are answers and data. We also visit potential customers and key partners […]

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Just take missing data for your canvas!

Either you work on a market study, prepare a product launch or open a branch somewhere – we deliver the data you need. Speak with us, we have the relevant data. You do not have to pay thousands of Euros for […]

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We book appointments for you!

You want to visit prospectives of a target group but find it difficult to contact them? We book appointments for you! We schedule a time window for your visits and make the appointments according your needs. And you pay only […]

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